New Location: Stadium Village, University of Minnesota Campus

We’re pleased to announce the opening of a new location located in the Stadium Village area of the University of Minnesota East Bank Campus.

Here’s the address:

856 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis MN, 55414

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Combined with opening a new location; we’re also launching a new way of serving you the gyros that you love. Keep reading to learn more:

First: You need to get here. Click on the link above to find the map. A tip: Park in the Oak Street ramp so you don’t need to circle the block and find a spot.

Once you’re here, you’ll see our location. It looks like this:


Come on in! If you want to try your hand at building your own gyro you’ll want to look at the board on the right. If we already make your favorite at one of our other locations, just order that, we’ll get it right for you.


First, let’s select your protein. You can choose from our Classic Gyro Meat, Steak, Grilled Chicken, or Gyro Chicken


Next up is the sauce and salad builder area. This is where you can choose the sauce you want on your gyro or salad.


Last up is the ingredient bar. This is where you can really make it personal. You get to pick from 20 different ingredients to add to your gyro.


Once you’re done find a place to sit and we hope you’ll be like:


a baby being held by Dino

  • Jon Stanley

    I absolutely LOVE Dino and his Gyros! They don’t only host me every night at the Minnesota State Fair but all year at great places like the NEW Stadium Village! (The fries are the best in town too btw)

  • K-Dog

    Love the new location. Gave up my leftovers just to have lunch their today!! Yum, yum!!

  • Mike

    Yaay! More Dino’s for me!!!