DINO'S: For Good Food Lovers

Full Of Goodness, DINO'S Mediterranean Food Strikes A Cord With Healthy Eaters.
Beyond pita and your choice of protein, DINO'S adds colorful veggies to our recipes in ways that enhance your dining experience and grant you a healthy dose of balanced nutrition.

Our unique blend of Mediterranean spices, fresh vegetables, Greek style rotisserie meats and other specialties such as falafel are prepared in ways that will amuse your taste buds, while the rest of your body thanks you for eating healthy.

And, if you are more into taste than nutrition, you can choose your own level of satisfaction when it comes to protein versus veggies. Our signature dressings, sauces and dips will elevate your meal to a whole new level of flavor and zesty goodness. DINO'S offers a wide range of options for everyone in the family with a wide variety of authentic Mediterranean delicacies.

If you are looking to enhance your quick-and-easy lifestyle, DINO'S provides a comfortable, clean dining environment where you can sit down, enjoy a meal and leave the dishes to us. Looking for a quick meal on the go? We package tasty meals to-go for carry out orders. If you are planning an event or party, we cater to all kinds of events including luncheons, community gatherings and family celebrations. To learn more about our to-go and catering options contact your nearest DINO'S store.

Pics 'n Such


...Casual, Fast And Serves Good Food.
Most Greek places here in the cities are up scale and still serve crappy food.  This place is casual, fast, and serves good food.  Service is quick, they have a nice thick Tzatziki sauce, the Gyro meat is good, and the pita bread is chewy and soft.  

I usually get the falafel sandwich or combination plate.  Their tabouli is super good!

Nicole P. - Minneapolis (Yelp)

...Dino's Makes A Very Good Gyro Sandwich.

Certainly one of the best choices in the fast food market today.  I absolutely love Gyros and Dino's makes a very good gyro sandwich.  The fries are also some of the best fries found in a fast food establishment.

Dean M. - Minneapolis (Yelp)